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Ctech Technology Services was first formed to address the need for an IT Services company that provides professional services for small to medium business, at reasonable prices. We didnít invent technology. We just created a better way to make it work for our trusted clients.

Ctech Technology Services is all about bringing together the knowledge and attributes of a range of business and technology disciplines to ensure that, as a complete business, you get what you need, when you need it and for the most effective investment possible.

Ctech Technology Solutions is about enabling businesses to achieve their desired business goals based on the best IT solutions that fit their business and IT model.


Our firm has a proven track record of achieving client-desired results and in most cases exceeding their expectations. Ctech Technology Services prides itself on delivering unique, trustworthy, speedy and cost effective solutions. To do this, CTS have assembled a range of expert skills with access to technologies across a broad spectrum of architecture, integration, delivery and application technologies.

Our people pride themselves on being qualified and are highly motivated and energetic towards working on projects or solving problems and are committed to a high level of client satisfaction. Over the years, our client base has grown, allowing us the opportunity to gain vast experience and knowledge working in sectors such as:

Insurance Broking, Financial Services, Accounting, Manufacturing, Medical Centres, Construction, and Legal industries.


Ctech can be a valuable resource to a company of any size, ensuring our customers should never need to worry about IT and business equipment requirements, as we take the time to understand the unique requirements of your business.

The underlying culture of our company is simple:

Every action taken, every word spoken, is to be done with the clientís best interest at heart.

We strive for a long lasting relationship and true partnership with every client.

Your success means our success !

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