Our History

CTech Technology Services was initially formed in 2000 to address the need for an IT Technology services company that provides products and professional services for small to medium Insurance Broking business’s at reasonable prices.

The company director (Robert Belos) has been involved in the computer industry for 18 years, and before founding Ctech Technology Services, was employed by some of the most reputable computer companies as a support engineer at the forefront for supplying highly technical complete computer solutions to Legal, Government and Insurance industries. Computer companies such as Remington (who supplied complete computer, office equipment and point of sale solutions to legal, government and retail industries), and DBA, Insurance Network Services and KeyPoint, who pioneered insurance broking computing solutions such as the previous DBA, Pulse, Brokerlink and TRC Insurance Broking Systems.

Since then, Robert Belos founded CTech and proceeded to support and upgrade some of the most reputable insurance brokers in Victoria from their DBA and Pulse Unix systems and Microbeat Dos systems to the highly anticipated and current Windows version insurance broking systems such as WinBeat and EGlobal, utilizing new the EDI (electronic data interchange) Sunrise Exchange.

Insurance brokers such as Midland, Griffiths Goodall, McNair Hurle Latrobe, Moran, Austral Anglo and Aldridge & Street (now a division of the Cowden Group) have been upgraded and supported by CTech.

One Step Ahead

CTech was the only company in Australia who performed the very first live data capture for an insurance broking company who was the first to be converted to the WinBeat system and Sunrise Exchange from their DBA system. During this time, and for future upgrades, CTech worked very closely with Heart Consulting (now Ebix) and InsNet ensuring all upgrades were a success and completed within specified time frames. This was proved as a success, and paved the way for all other insurance brokers on DBA and Pulse Insurance Broking Systems data to be captured and converted to the WinBeat Insurance Broking System and Sunrise Exchange.

CTech has also provided server upgrades and support to Insurance Broking systems for clients such as Oamps Insurance Brokers (100 plus users - Intel to Intel platform), Whitbread Insurance Brokers (20 plus users - Motorola to Intel platform).